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Why we don't offer ServSafe®

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), working with state regulatory authorities, scientists and consumer groups, has approved three certifications that are equally accepted by every health department in the United States: ServSafe®, NRFSP and Prometric.

All three certifications are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP). That accreditation is what makes all three certifications acceptable by your health department and is the assurance of quality in the development and maintenance of the exams.

The Food Safety Administration does not offer the ServSafe® certification. We believe that the NRFSP and Prometric exams ask more straight-forward questions, are run by partner organizations that do not compete directly with their exam-trainer partners, and, most importantly, leverage national testing center networks that allow us to deliver the exam at more than 1,500 locations with daily testing. This has two benefits for you:

1. You will have incredible flexibility and accommodations with regards to where and when you test
2. You will only have to pop into the test center to take your exam--you will not have to sit through an all day course

All three companies meet the exact same regulatory standard in the eyes of your health department. We work closely with health departments across the country and offer our 100% guarantee that your certification will meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of your health department.

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