Manager's Food Safety Training & Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  Is there a difference between the online and classroom certification?
 A: In a word, “NO”. The certifications are identical in every way and are not recognized any differently by your local health department.
 Q:  Will I have any assistance studying for the exam?
 A: Yes, in addition to the online tutorials and optional book, we will be there to answer any questions you may have along the way with our professional phone consulting service at no additional charge.
 Q:  How long do I have to take the test?
 A: You are allotted a 2 hour time slot to complete the exam. Most people finish in under an hour so take your time and be sure to read each question and answer carefully.
Q: What if I don’t pass the exam the first time?
A: We pay our state-mandated certified food safety proctor $65.00 for all re-tests, so consequently you would be charged that fee for him or her to be present again. It is important to note that we charge you only for the certified proctor fee and that the Food Safety Administration does not collect, profit or charge even one additional cent from your re-test. We do however continue to provide you with our full training program and support.
Q: How long does it take to receive the certificate?
A: One of the nice features of the online program is that you are able to print out your exam results immediately after you complete it. This print out is acceptable to your local health dept and the formal certificate will follow approximately 1 week later.
Q: Can I recieve news and updates?
A: You can subscribe to our email newsletter, that is regularly sent with specialized email tools, to always stay up to date with the latest news.