Manager's Food Safety Training & Certification

About Our Program

Our Food Safety Program allows you to earn your Managerís Food Safety Certificate in three easy steps:

  1. Register online
  2. Study and Train Online
  3. Take the test online at one of our 1,500+ testing centers

Step 1: Register online

Begin the registration process by entering your zip code into the entry field on the home page (or below). During the registration process you will be asked to select a testing center located near your home or place of business. While you will take the test online, the state requires you to take the test at a secure location in the presence of a licensed proctor. We have over 1,500 testing centers across the country that meet these requirements, so we will almost certainly have one near you.

To Register - START HERE

Step 1: Input Your Zip Code To Locate a Testing Center.

Step 2: Study and Train Online Anywhere (even from home)

Once you are registered you will have instant access to our complete online training program. This training program includes exclusive videos, tutorials (in English and Spanish), interactive practice tests, and unlimited telephone support. Donít feel rushed, The Food Safety Administration allows you a full 6 months to complete your study and testing, (thatís double what our major competitors offer! For a more detailed overview of our training program, please watch the video below:

Study Online Resources

Step 3: Take the test online at one of our 1,500 testing centers

While you can study and train online from home, the state requires that a licensed proctor be present when you take your exam. In order to create a secure environment where our proctor can meet you, we have established a presence at over 1,500 testing centers across the country. After you have reviewed the online training material and feel that you are ready to take the Managerís Food Safety exam, you can call our scheduling department and they will work with you to find a date and time that is convenient for your schedule to take the exam. We test daily, so there will be no problem finding a time that works for you.

The actual exam will take you about one hour to complete, and you will receive your results instantly! Before you leave our testing center you can print a temporary certificate. Your official copy will arrive in the mail about one week later via certified carrier.

Bonus Step 4: Relax!

While online training certainly makes the process easier and more convenient than the old all-day classroom model you may be familiar with, we realize that not everyone feels comfortable learning online. If you feel nervous about testing online, relax! We have been training and testing food service professionals for over 20 years both in the classroom and online, and we are always a short phone call away if you need extra help or have questions about specific topic areas. Please know that we are here for you and we will stand behind you to make sure you receive the highest standard in safety certification for the entirety of your food service career.

Get started today! Enter your zip code below to begin the online registration process:

To Register - START HERE

Step 1: Input Your Zip Code To Locate a Testing Center.